Saturday, December 5, 2020


December is here!  Less than 1/12 of this year is left, thankfully.  In 26 days, we can kiss this year goodbye and never look back!

And right after Thanksgiving, it was time to pull out the Christmas decorations.  The dog does not really like her Santa outfit.

Meanwhile, I  earned some dividends.  32 companies paid me a total of $1,035.51.  This is a 13.03% year to year gain from the $916 I got in 2019.  After the big shuffles I have gone through over the past 15 months, seeing a gain like that was truly satisfying and motivating to improve on that number in 2021.

The big ones are AT&T (T) and their monster 7% dividend and Omega Healthcare (OHI), a healthcare REIT (one of my few REITs now), also with a 7% dividend.

Here's the breakdown:


  1. Very solid month you had. Congrats. Love your large position in T. Looks like we share a few similar holdings (T, OHI, PG, UL, BMO, etc).

    Keep up the solid work.

    1. Thanks so much, oh neighbor to the north.. Yes, I have noticed that we do share a good percentage of our portfolio. Right now, if I have a bit extra cash and not know what to get, I'm either buying T, TGT, or VYM

  2. Awesome month, Chickenwizard! It's inspiring to see a 32-stock portfolio spinning out dividend income like this. Hopefully someday my portfolio will look like this.


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