Here's a list of of some of my favorite blogs when it comes to dividend investing, food, music, etc.  Usually these are good reads and can be quite informative.


Dividend DiplomatsDividend Diplomats My favorite for seeing what stock purchases they made and what they are watching and the wide variety of topics they cover about this.  They seem to know their shit.  Much of their portfolios and mine are similar.

Passive Income Pursuit  I used this blog's version of a portfolio spreadsheet (with a couple of tweaks) to track my own.  Easily the best spreadsheet I have found online.

DivHut   One of the first blogs about dividend investing I followed.

Mr Money Moustache  - Lots of interesting articles about living a frugal lifestyle.

Here are some more that I feel have a good vibe in regards to dividend growth investing

Mr. Tako Escapes

My Dividend Dynasty

Dividend Daze

Dividend Power

Passive Income Vortex

Dividend Hawk

Passive Cash Blog

The Dividend Pig

Dividend Growth Investor

Dividend Compounder


I do my research on Discogs.   This is the ultimate database for researching, purchasing, and selling vinyl records  One of me favorite parts is I can add releases to my collection  Here's my collection  My records


I'm fortunate to have grown up being fed my my Greek mom and her wonderful cooking.  Other than the recipes I have learned from her, I often go to these sites:

Olive Tomato

Almost Turkish Recipes  One of my favorite sites.

Local Kine Recipes   For Hawaiian

David Rocco   For some amazing Italian

Persian Food Recipes   I've had fun trying some recipes here too

Elly Says Opa!  Another great Greek food blog.


  1. hello sir,

    would you be able to email me the spreadsheets that you use to track your stocks? Great blog you have here, Keep dividend blogging and thank you very much.

    1. Hi. Thanks for the praise. My spreadsheets are actually from the portfolio from Passive Income Persuit's . I downloaded it around 6 years ago and converted it to a Numbers file (Apple's version of excel). Then added about 6 pages that link.
      If you are able to deal with a Numbers file, just send me your email and I will send over


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