Sunday, December 22, 2019


We're coming up on the start of a brand new decade.   Funny how time flies. 

Each new year brings up the feelings of a fresh start.  Reviewing the past year, seeing what you can improve on, and seeing your successes.   This was a fun year.

Here's a pic with Santa at Seattle's oldest Chinese Restaurant!

Picture with Santa at Tai Tung Restaurant - 12/21/19

I've never really set goals in the past.  I just kind of played it by ear on a day to day basis with a vision of the future in mind.

So this year, I am challenging myself and setting some goals to make that future vision more clear.  I will review these in June and see if I need to make adjustments (upward adjustments!)

Here goes!


  1. Add $5,000 to my investment account.  This will be easy. Transferring $200 per paycheck into the Fidelity account should be doable.  I may raise this total by June.
  2. See my dividend income increase by 10% from 2019.  Much of this depends on adding funds, so this connects to #1
  3. Increase my holdings by 5 companies. Not just add to my current holdings, but have 100 companies to earn dividends from.
  4. Save $16,000 for bills in 2021: Property Tax, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Car Tabs, Water Bill, Electric Bill, Gas Bill, Internet, Phone Bill, TV Costs.   That's $43 per day.  I want to be a year ahead. Then in 2021 and beyond, I can put more into the market once I am ahead.
  5. Fulfill my goal of buying the equivalent in shares of what I spent in 2019 at Costco, Target, Apple Store, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Starbucks, and At&T.
Posting these goals will stick me to them.  It better....

  1. Take a spring road trip.  Yellowstone would be ideal.
  2. Exercise more.   I was doing well until my right knee and left achilles acted up.  Fell out of routine
  3. Drop about 20 lbs.   
  4. Drink more green tea.
  5. Sell off some of my record collection.   It was a long term goal to sell eventually.  Well, I have run out of room.  I think I would rather sell than keep some of the ones I rarely listen to.
  6. Improve piano skills and improve guitar skills.
  7. Blog more.
  8. Enjoy more oysters like these.
Fat Bastard oysters

Well, let's revisit this on June 1st and see the progress!

See ya!


  1. Sorry to hear about your mom :( You're an angel for being there with her and guiding her along!

  2. Thanks, it's much appreciated. I would not know where she would be if it were not for wisely budgeting the monies. So thanks to you for the inspiration!


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