As of 12/21/2022
Here it is.  My portfolio.  I named it Flagwig.  
Why Flagwig?  I have no idea at all.
This has a 3.46% yield and earns $27,749.27 no including special dividends paid

The holdings that yield over 4% are highlighted in green.  If I am ever unsure of what to buy, I pick one of those or my Vanguard ETF (VYM) to add to Flagwig...

Here's Flagwig:


  1. Good morning. I was trying to figure out your AAPL value and multiplied the shares (84) x the current price ($134.180) = $11,271.12 for the current value. You have $2817.78 listed. Am I looking at this correctly?

  2. I see. THis was done during the weekend of the AAPL split. I corrected the total.
    Thanks for noticing. Things were wonky during that weekend.


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