Monday, October 4, 2021


 I keep saying this, but this month just flew by.  I think 2021 is on hyper speed to our perceptions since 2020 was the longest, most drug out, most fucked up year of our lives.   At least we are 9 months past last year and moving forward.  Q4 here we come.

The house I grew up in went up for sale this month and sold in a week.  I've got mixed emotions on this, but had to get done for the care of my mother.    And the freshly exposed floors kind of made me wish i had done this years ago.

Quite the change.

Another month flying by means another month of passive income as the reward for investing in dividend growth stock.    The income is the whole goal of my investing strategy.  Gather enough dividend growing stock to eventually replace my income with dividends.  I'm chugging towards my goal.

In summary, I had 50 payments in September for a total of $1639.13.   That's a 13.37% increase from 2020.   Not the biggest leap, but as you may have heard in earlier posts, I had to stop adding to the fund and even sell some for my mom's transition.

The big haul of the month was (BBL) and their semi-annual payment. Would almost with they would dole it out quarterly, but I'll take the huge dividend rate.

October is lining up to be a monster year to year growth month, and wil really get cooking in November and December. 

Remember, if I can do this, anyone can.  You got to start somewhere.


Saturday, September 4, 2021


August is the month for our family to slow down and take in the summer.  We usually take some sort of vacation before the school year.  This year was no different and we really needed a break after getting my mom moved.    

So we took a few days off in O'Ahu. It's my home away from home.  I needed the recharge.  

Enjoyed the beach:

Took in a couple great breakfasts.   There's nothing like a great benedict.  

Yes, breakfast with a salad and fried rice.  It's a thing.

And my favorite udon and tempura.  Total comfort food.

The time flew by, but it was well worth it.  

Meanwhile the stock market just keeps going up and up.  Somehow.  Even with supply chain problems, a resurgence of the dreaded virus, and businesses not able to find enough workers, the stock market just keeps chugging away.  

I focus on replacing my work income with dividend income.   Find great companies to invest in that pay a decent dividend and have a solid track record of raising that dividend, hopefully at a bigger rate than inflation.  It's taken a few years and a lot of diligence, but I now casee some of the fruits of this effort.  I now get about 30 payments a month.

The result of  has been averaging over $1,000 per month in dividend income.  And my long term goal is to quadruple that in the next few years.  Will take some real dedication and allowing it to compound.

The past few months have put a halt as I care for my mom, but the ball will get rolling again soon.

So let's cut to the chase:  the August 2021 dividend income.   30  companies paid me a total of $1,350.96.

This is a 32.95% increase over 2020.  Fantabulous.  That increase is the result from dedicated investing and dividend increases from these companies.   

My big payout this month was a special dividend from Onemain Holdings (OMF) of a GIANT $3.50 special payment on top of the regular $0.70 dividend.  This is the 5th "special" dividend they have paid since August 2019.    What a find!

Also got a big one from AT&T (T) once again, and wonder what is to come in the next few months as they have split up the company.  This will surely be the end of the huge payouts, but will see what happens with the new shares I get in the break off.

Here's the breakdown:

REMEMBER, if I can build this over a period of 6 years,  ANYONE can.  And I mean ANYONE..  It only take commitment.

Until next month, cheers!

Friday, August 6, 2021


This July has been a monumental month when it comes to myself and my families' life.  It truly will never be forgotten. 

Four weeks ago, I had to place my mom into a memory care facility. She was no longer safe to be at home without 24/7 attention and I was not able to keep up with her needs or feed her properly.
She's now settled into an apartment furnished with stuff from her home. It's a brand new facility, it's really great, and she is the first resident. Soon she will have more residents to converse with.

Here's a glance of my kid showing off her excellent bed making skills!

Currently, she's still confused as to why she is there and thinks she will be fine at home. Quite upset at me "pushing her out" and keeps asking to go home. She's still seeing me and grabbing her purse and coat to leave. So I am keeping my distance.

Once she's more used to her surroundings, I'll be able to visit more.

At least I am relieved that she's safe and being fed well. The past 3 years have been a struggle and the past 6 months took all my energy and prevented me from having any down time. So I am more relieved than I thought.

That being said, since the start of May, I have not paid any attention to my stock activity other than a glance here and there. I did have to cash some shares out to float her first few months of expenses.

Memory care is not cheap. Don't go without a plan like my mom did. It's so much, I would still have to cover a couple thousand per month after renting out her home. And that would be after some necessary repairs that would cost a solid $50K. That would also put my portfolio and kid's college fund at serious risk. I can't do that to my family and will keep the funds separated. So it will be sold to cover her costs

Now I have to spend some time clearing out the home I grew up in and preparing it for a new life.   

I will miss seeing my childhood bedroom.  It still has sheets I slept in during high school.  Whoa.

And I will miss the view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.  

This process has taken all of my time and energy for the past 3 months.  

At least I know my dividend income is on autopilot while all of this is going on.   

Overall, I received 30 payments for a grand total of $1,045.86.     My big payout was Whitehorse Finance (WHF) and the $154.43 they pay me and a nice chunk from TROW.   

The details are in the chart below.

I will be in a holding pattern for the most part until the sale is completed, her care is fully funded and I have been reimbursed for the costs I have incurred for this.   

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


 2021 is the year of recovery.  Most of the nation is opening up.  People are out again and spending money that like it's Christmas all year.  

One of the side effects of this is a giant boom in the stock market.  Dividend increases.  All time highs.  And looks like it will grow even more once the transportation logistics work itself out.  In short, it's a good time to be a dividend growth stock investor.    So how did I do?

Not too shabby at all.  Now one of life's ironies is that right when it is time to snatch u as many shares as possible, I am in an extended holding pattern for free cash flow due to a family caretaking situation.  It will clear up and I will be able to make up for time lost.  But in the meantime, I will take my dividends and have a nice big pile to spend at a later date.

June brought me 48 dividend payments for a grand total of $1275.00.   Pretty steady flow of income.  More than 1.5 per day makes for an exciting month!   

It is a gain of 10.56% over 2020's $1,153.18.   That's the pace I want to see.

My big gain was from the amazing Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund  (VYM).  whenever I cannot choose what to get, I pick up some VYM.  It's basically a mirror of much of my own portfolio.  

Also loving my payout form T. Rowe Price. (TROW).  It paid it's usual quarterly dividend, but at the time of writing, I just received a special dividend of about triple this amount!

Here's the breakdown:

I will have about one or two more months of figuring out my personal situation, but after that clears up, I will be on a huge roll.   See 'ya soon!

Monday, May 31, 2021


 We are 41% through the year (5/12).  And it feels like I just wrote this.   Thats mainly due to an incredibly busy month of May.  Big personal stuff going on that I will go into more detail on a later post when things all shake out.  But it makes time fly by so fast I did not even do my regular 3-4 posts a month.

May was a good month when it comes to passive income.  And by passive income, I mean collecting dividends from companies that I invest in that reward their shareholders by sharing the profits.  These companies tend to have a long track record of increasing these payments year over year.  This will result in some amazing compounding that will rapidly increase this income over the period of a few years.  

All it takes is 2 things: reinvesting dividends earned and patience.

The result of this patience is earning $1,047.99 from 30 companies.  This is an increase of 31.2% over 2020 and the $798.80 I earned last May.   The result of dividend increases, reinvesting the dividends and adding to the pot with any spare change when I can.   Hopefully, this pace will keep up. 

My big payday was at the start of the month with AT&T paying $192.40 and on 5/17 and the $100.50 payout from OHI.  

I do believe this is the end of seeing such payments from AT&T.   But it was a good run and it sure will be an adventure when shareholders get the shares of the new company..

Until next month - CHEERS!