Sunday, December 11, 2022


 I will sound like a broken record as to why I have not blogged in a month again.    Another SUPER busy month just flew by...

Really.  Let me explain....  

Our home, a cute little 1918 craftsman bungalow, has been showing some signs of wear and tear over the past couple years.  The original Douglas Fir floors are really beat up, the main floor bathroom tub looks beaten.  The kitchen countertop plywood underlayment is rotting, so the sink will soon fall onto the floor, the fridge is dying, and the old fridge is only 30" wide, so replacing it has very limited options.    Look at this beat up floor and formica..

So for the past month, we've been in the middle of planning out a full remodel of the kitchen, moving the sink and stove so we have longer counter runs and much more cabinet space.  It requires plumbing and electrical moves.  That means we pull up the crappy warped oak floor and replace it with a new laminate floor.  Here are the renderings..

Lots more counter space!

The bathroom will get a new tub, toilet, flooring, and tile walls.  

After that, the main floor doug fir floors will be repaired and refinished.  Then new paint.  

It's not cheap and with the interest rate on a loan for these repairs being as it is, I will be cashing some of my lower yield shares to pay for it.  We are thinking it all is in the $80K range for the whole process.  And that is why I have not written anything. Excuses, excuses..

Also, I am introducing a new format for posting updates.  Instead of having separate posts for dividend income, new buys, and dividend increases, I will summarize it in one post.   So here goes!


November was another fantastic month.  I received 35 payments for $1,552.73.  That's an increase of $485.94 over the $1,066.79 in November of 2021.  A 45.5% increase year to year.  I'm liking seeing the combination of increased dividends, reinvesting every penny, and adding at least $1,000 per month to the fund.  The result is stunning growth.   Here are the details below.

Not too shabby.  Hopefully, the remodel will not sink it too much.


Last month  I sat a total of $104.53 of increased annual dividends announced .  I may have missed one somewhere, but a nice total.  The average of the increases was 6.51%.  Snap-On (SNA) was the home run with a 14.1% hike.  Sweet!  Here's the nitty gritty.


Last month I bought $1,788.47 of good companies that pay shareholders an ever increasing dividend.  I ended the month with a stash of cash that I proceeded to buy more the first few days of December, but that is for next month's report.  This resulted in adding $51.82 of annual dividend income.

The big buy was starting a new position in Restaurant Brands International (QSR).  The company that owns Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeye's, and Firehouse Subs had been on my watch list for a while now and felt it was time to pull the trigger.  They have a nice track record of beating quarterly estimates, have a moderately low P/E ratio, a dividend payout ratio that's in the upper end of the swet zone at 70%, and a dividend growth rate of 21% over the past 5 years and should be due to increase it again, fingers crossed.  Glad I got them.  

The other purchases were additions to earlier holdings that I am inching towards my goal of a $5,000 cost basis per holding.   Here are the details.

Sticking with a plan to continually buy dividend growth stocks, reinvesting all dividend income, and having a large moat of holdings has resulted in inchin closer and closer to my goal of replacing my work income with passive income.  I went from almost no dividend income to over $2,250 per month average in 9 years.  In 10 years, I should be at my goal and will only want to work to save money on health insurance until social security kicks in.  

If a shopping addicted neandertal can do this, you can too!

See ya!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022


Howdy folks!  I'm Back.    It's been a while and I apologize for skipping the past 6 weeks.   

I have been quite busy with projects on my home, dealing with the new school year, caring for my mom who entered hospice, and simply ran out of time in life to even remotely blog.

Most of my time was spent releasing my music.  I put out a single and 3 albums. One album of electronic music, one album of downtempo music, and a Halloween compilation.   The comp had a song called "October" that had 63K plays.   That's a big leap over having less than 200 listens for  typical song.  

I also promised to try to create a new song, or at least a new fragment of one per day.  Very time consuming, but a great feeling and a ton of fun.   

My music can be found on Spotify at:   Chickenwizard's Music

My spawn did the amazing art.   Here's an album cover for The Moon.

We did have some fun, like go to the Seattle Kraken vs Buffalo Sabres game.  7th row seats.

Also went to the NY Giants visiting the Seattle Seahawks and got the best seats in the house.

And 2 months went by collecting dividends.   Passive income, currently being reinvested is the key to becoming financially independent.   
Let me cut to the chase:  


September was record setting.   59 dividend payments that added up to $3,087.46.   That's a 87.6% increase over September 2021's $1,645.13.    I honestly surprised me.   That total was padded by the special dividend I got from OHI.   The details are below


Kept the ball rolling in October by making a 112.61% increase over October 2021.   
38 payments for a total of $2.555.27  This is the month I get the giant Whitehorse Finance dividend of $1,065 that I hold to invest on other holdings in my portfolio.   Going from $1,201.85 in 2021 to more than doubling it is also mind blowing.   I want to keep doubling my returns.  I will reach my goal of surpassing my work paycheck sooner than later.   Whoot!
Here's October:

The compounding is making more of an impact as it grows over the years.  It took forever to make it to a $1,000 a month dividend income month.  Three short years later, I am breaking $3K.   

I sound like a broken record, but If an idiot like myself can do this, then you can too.  

Monday, September 12, 2022


 I'm overdue updating everyone with the stock purchases I've been making.  So this will be a multi month posting.

My goal is to purchase shares in companies that pay a dividend to create passive income.  Not only pay dividends, but companies that regularly increase these dividends.  And not just pay dividends and increase them regularly, but also have room to increase that dividend on a regular basis.    

If a company is around 60% or under in paying out dividends from their total income, then they have room to grow.   Once the payout ratio gets too high, they are paying all of their income to dividends and not able to grow their company,  Eventually it results in a cut of that dividend.  That's a no go for me.

The result is a steady stream of passive income.  Income just for being alive! 

When I make stock buys I think of it as purchasing income.

Here's what I have done since March of this year...

I did make a few sells.  In September I jettisoned both KD and WBD.   Both were spin offs and neither paid a dividend.   I also lowered my holdings in Williams Sonoma (WSM) and wanted to earn a higher dividend in another company.  I decided to buy lots of Walgreens (WBA) stock.

The result is investing $18,845.80  and increasing my annual dividend income by $604.97.  Six thousand of that 18K was income I added to my portfolio.  I have a goal of adding $1K per month for this.  The rest were earned dividends and the stock sale income.

The purchases resulted in  a 3.21% return yield.   I think that's a wise way to store my income.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 5, 2022


Hello everybody.  First of all, I'd like to apologize for not posting for the previous month.  The rest of life took all the time I had to make any posts.  Half the month was spent in Hawaii, and the time around that was spent doing all the work releasing three albums and one single.  

This is hard not to stare at.

Hawaii is our family go to for fun in the sun.  After being there many times, I now know exactly what I want to do and maximize my time there.   It really comes down to which beach I body surf at and what places I eat at.   On the beach side of things, it's in Kailua on Oahu.

For the food side of things, I focus on poke, sushi, and noodles.   Like this!

The rest of the month was taken up by releasing 2 new albums, a Halloween compilation and a new single.  Remixing and mastering the music takes up most of my free hours.  But I am happy with the result.  It's gone from a fun hobby to a side hustle also.  

Here's a link to a pre-release before worldwide release of 9/19   Chickenwizard on Bandcamp

But you are here for the dividend report.  So here goes.....  Killed it.

In August, I received 36 payments for a grand total of $1,609.37.    That's a 19.13% increase over 2021's $1,350.96.    And it's the slow month of the quarter, so I'm happy.   Passive income coming in only to be reinvested in more shares creates gains like this.  It really is an ever growing snowball.

Next month is going to be off the hook, so be ready for that report.  MEanwhile, I promise to do more dividend and vinyl record updates.

Until then,  toodle-do!

Sunday, August 7, 2022


It's been a crazy busy month and so this blog was neglected.  My apologies.  I've been occupied with after work gardening, making music, long walks, and watching baseball.  Fun stuff.  And gaining some listeners on Spotify.  

Yipes - 666 listeners.  Better watch my back!

Meanwhile, I get paid passive income through dividends on companies I own a tiny fraction of.  As I earn these dividends, I reinvest to increase the next payout.  And on and on and on.

I also add at least $1,000 month in cash to these dividends to build my positions.

The result of this after eight years of doing this is a substantial source of income.  A few more years of this, and I can replace my work income with this and say "sayonara" to having a job.   Whee!

The past month of dividend payouts were another knockout for me.  38 companies paid out a total of $2,509.99.   In comparison of 2021's $1,046.46 I gained a whopping 139.86%

After doing this for a long period of time, the gain is really snowballing.  

Here are the details...

Whitehorse Finance (WHF) is the big winner once again.  I hold a lot of shares of them just so I can take the dividend and purchase other companies' shares to diversify.

I sound like a broken record, but if I can do this, so can all the ther idiots out there!  It only takes commitment.