Friday, December 4, 2020


Welcome to the Holiday Season!   My favorite time of the year.  Hope you are all staying safe out there on Panet Poison.

Snow started falling and got to go up to the mountain pass here an play in a fresh 18" of snow that fell the night before

Picked up a few greal albums recently.  This one here is maybe the best album I had never heard until a few weeks ago.  Dadawah - "Peace and Love", a Nyabinghi rhythm LP from 1974. Very sublime and exploratory.  Only four tracks on the LP, but they improvise into this crazy bass and drum Nyabinghi rhythm form of reggae meets the blues meets psychedelia and experiencing the rapture...  They may have smoked some of their sacrament..

What really makes it stand out is the lack of a rhythm guitar and the addition of a minimal echoing piano that really ties it all together.  This is one of the most spiritual, haunting roots reggae albums that could possibly be ever made.  Just re-issued this fall.

Oh, and I traded some shares.....  

Harvested a tiny bit of profit just so I can pick up a couple of Costco (COST) shares after they announced their special $10 dividend.  This is not their first special Dividend. 

I did get out of a smal position in Delek Holdings (DK) after they ended their dividend. I'd rather have my money in something that will pay me back so I can sit on it and get paid for breathing...

I also snagged 3 more shares of Vanguard's VYM, which I plan to do on a regular basis. It's a perfect mix of all of the dividend growth companies I already invest in.

The other major purchases, not really major, but at least over $100, was some more Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Target (TGT).  Both are pretty much recession proof companies that are not going to go tits up any time soon.

In summary, I added $1,063 of new money and increased my annual dividend by $39.26.  That's a payout ratio of 3.69% on the investment.  And should grow.

Check out the details

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