Monday, December 21, 2020


 As many of you already know, my main hobby is collecting vinyl records.  How Gen X of me..   Through garage sales, junk stores, used bins at record shops, and collectable editions through stores, I have amassed over 3,500 records.  

Every once in a while, I come across a great find.  Like "Hey Hey what Can I Do" by Led Zeppelin for 25 cents.   Or the rare Blue Note 78s I found at a thrift store   Early Blue Note 78.   

This past weekend was the Mother of All Thrift Store Finds.  Another Blue Note discovery.   

We went to the thrift store looking for joke gifts for Christmas.  This also requires a stop by the old records for sale.  I wanted to pick up any old records in decent shape to add to my hoarde.  Especially jazz.  I'm lacking in good jazz records

Sitting there among the ruined andy Williams album and multiple Barbara Streisand records was a nice copy of Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin' Else" on blue Note records.  Vinyl looked fairly clean.  And was extra heavy and thick, so I knew it was an old copy.   Picked that up along with a Stan Getz and a Charlie Parker compilation.  

Once I got home, I looked up my Cannonball Adderley on Discogs.   The first release had these qualities:

  • West 63 street address and no ® and a "micorgroove" on the labels
  • Deep groove on both sides
  • no "Inc." after Blue note on the address on the back cover and printed in Serif font
  • "P" for Plastylite Recording plant etched on run out.
  • RVG stamped on the run out

Well how about that.... This copy had ALL of these. Wha?  This was a first release of this record!   And in VG condition for the vinyl.  The cover is in G condition, a bit worn on the back and bit smudgy on the front.  but not bad for a record from 1958.

This record cost me $1.95.   This sells for around $600 in this condition.   What an absolute monumental find.  I don't think I will ever find a more collectable record.  OF course, I thought that the last time I found some Blue Notes...

I will keep it and listen to it for a while.  If I find a nice clean reissue, I will then sell.    IMO it's one of the best jazz albums ever made and right up my alley.   Sometimes you just get lucky.

Here's a track from this release.   Awesome!


  1. Wow that’s incredible. I’ve picked up many old jazz records at thrift stores recently but nothing like that. Blue Note is reissuing that album later next month or February in a 180g audiophile edition for only $24.00 as part of their Blue Note Classic if you’re really looking to part with it there’s that :-)

    1. Thanks! Yes, that reissue may be an option. Ironically, my second best thrift store find were finding Blue Note #2, 5, and 16, all 78's from 1939.


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