Friday, August 2, 2019


Recently, I made a rather major purchase when my wife's phone decided to dislike its battery.   My wife's iPhone 6  needed to stay plugged in after 90 minutes of use, and she needed to get a new phone for the upcoming vacation s owe can go in the water with it.  First World problems....

So off to the Apple store.  We left with 2 new iPhone X's.   Payed full price since I hate having a contract with payments.

So to make up for the cost, I have decided to match what I spent on the phones with a purchase of AAPL at the end of the year.

I had done this in the past when purchasing other Apple items (laptop, AppleTV).  I would buy the equivalent amount in AAPL.   I get a dividend back, and it's grown in value, so I am pretty much break even.  Took some AAPL profits this year and diversified.

Now I have decided I will do the same for some other companies.   At the end of the year, I will match my purchases of a few companies in share purchases.   I want to track my "reimbursement" as the stock gains and pays dividends.

Here's my running count for 2019 :

APPLE - $2032
AT&T - $1322
TARGET - $790
COSTCO - $698
STARBUCKS - $48 Skipping this. Maybe a 2 year plan...
McD's - $25 Well, I can skip this.... for oh, 10 years or so...

I will update this at the end of the year.  See ya then..

Any comments about this plan?


  1. I kind of take the same approach with my purchases. T is my broadband provider. Why not make some of it back every three some T. We go through jars of Skippy. Get some of it back with HRL. Good wat to look at some stocks for your DGI portfolio.

    1. I'm really going to try to stick to this plan and track it to see where I end up in a few years.


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