LATEST UPDATE: January 10, 2021

Many of the bloggers who write about dividend growth investing post their current stock watch list, usually focusing on a couple that they are monitoring that current month.

I do things a bit differently.   Instead of focusing on two or three companies that have a good valuation at the time, I have a list of about.. a MILLION.. companies that have a good track record of dividend growth, low P/E, a fair PEG, and low payout percentage.

When it comes time to buy, I look for the one that is the best value at that time.   

I do edit this list from time to time.  I always keep looking for companies with a nice track record and will remove a company if they have awful quarterly financial results or have changed their dividend payouts for the worse.

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Yeah it looks that crazy....

Here's my watch list.  What you see is the ticker symbol as well as the P/E, the payout ratio, the 5 year increase in dividends, the EPS growth (hopefully over 5%), and the PEG ratio. With the COVID impact on the market, the PEG ratio as well as the EPS Growth from last year can be basically ignored for the time bring.

I normally  like looking at both the P/E and the PEG ratio.  The P/E ratio could make high growth companies look overvalued.  A fairly priced company would have a P/E ratio equal to its growth rate, so the PEG would be 1.  In the future this will be a clearer picture as the effect of the pandemic eases.

I do have to update some of these numbers every few months.

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