Sunday, January 29, 2023


 Sorry for the delay folks.  Been really busy getting ready for life with no kitchen and one of our two bathrooms.  suddenly January is almost over and i have not posted.  EEK!   

Meanwhile, here is our street covered with 1 solid inch of ice. I hung onto the car to prevent sliding down a half block.

Here goes!


Another month of knocking it out of the park and speeding head first towards financial independence. 

In December I got 59 payments that added up to $2,665.74.   That's a 25.88% increase over December 2021's $2,117.71   This is the kind of growth that makes me tingle.  I'll hit F.I. sooner than later.   

Here are the payments I got.


December 2022 gave me 10 dividend increases increasing my annual dividend income by $92.12   Not Bad!   Here it is below.   The increases averaged a 4.82% hike.  


I was more concentrated in my purchases in December.  I had a goal of increasing my ownership of QSR and NSC.  In total, I invested $3,488.96 and will earn and additional $114.84 of annual dividend income.   Every penny counts


Quite the year for improving my annual dividend income and sticking with continually adding to the portfolio.  Here's the numbers:

STOCK BUYS:    $49,861.89 invested for a $1,437.42 annual dividend.   That's a 2.88% yield.

DIVIDEND INCREASES:  $589.23 of increases

This is a total of adding $2,026.65 to the annual income.  That's $168.88 of additional income per month.  Yay!

Now for the drumroll.......

TOTAL 2022 DIVIDENDS:  $27,254.02   BAM!

That is an increase of 73.93%from 2021's $15,669.90    An almost 12 thousand dollar increase.  Remember, I made a ton of investment moves in November and December of 2021 that made this bump happen.

What is my 2023 goal?   Just keep it up.   I want to see my dividend income go to $35K by the end of the year.  IT will take a lot of extra savings, but I will sure try.

If I do not try, I will never achieve it.

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