Thursday, April 14, 2022


Fun March.  

Biggest fun was going to see Billie Eilish in concert with my kid.  It was her first concert and a great show!

Here she is in her bucket going around the arena.  She got real close to us

And a wide shot of the Climate Pledge Arena

The other fun thing was buy more dividend earning shares.

During most months, I receive a small chunk of dividends from my holdings, I will go shopping for the best bargain I can find among my holdings.  It's all about the compounding of my holdings and returns.  It's the whole point of dividend growth investing.

This past month was a tad different.  I focused on 2 goals.  First was matching my spending of 2021 with a few companies I frequently shop at.   I explain this in my post about 2022 goals

Secondly was buying a handful of AT&T shares since I would be receiving 1 share of the new WBD company for every 4 of AT&T I held.  That's free money in my eyes.  So I focused a lot on AT&T shares before the ex-dividend date.

The result was spending $5,169.58 of my dividend income on new shares that will result in $159.40 of dividend income.  That's a yield of 3.08% And since these are growth stocks, that total will only go up. 

Here's a breakdown of my purchases:

Remember, if I can do this, so can you.

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