Monday, February 7, 2022


 Welcome back folks!   Time for my monthly dividend increase report for January.  

Dividend increases is what it's all about. - seeing increases that beat inflation.  With high inflation at this time, getting close is not too bad.  I suspect we will see inflation creep back down as the supply chain issues work themselves out.  

This month eight companies rewarded their shareholders with a div increase.  Some larger than others.  I'll take it all!  



Dividends are simply a company sharing their profits with individuals who trust them enough that they bought in to become co-owners.  

If these companies keep increasing the dividend year after year, your yield from your original purchase will be stupendous.  

Last month,  the eight increases brings me an extra $56.30 in dividend income.  Overall, I got a 5.52% increase.

The best increase was from Norfolk Southern (NSC) and a 13.8% increase.  Of course, that's the holding I own the least of.  Go figure.

Here's the breakdown:

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