Saturday, December 4, 2021


The year is almost over.  So fast.   It's only 3 weeks to Christmas.  

 I love this time of the year.  Full of turkey and fixins to the point of being sick of it.  Christmas lights and tree is up.  Weather is cooling off and being cozy d fun.

You know, I always "love this time of year"....   There is no time I hate.  So let me just move on...

I love life, so each month is great.  I love my family and home.  

To love the home even more, I decided to paint it room by room.   Here's my basement bath with a fresh coat of Sherwin-Williams' "Olympic White".   It seems light blue but is actually a light gray with some blue. And has "white" in the name for no good reason.   But is sure makes the room pop.   It's a lot closer to a Robin Egg than the picture. Very relaxing in the jetted tub to wind down at night.

What I really love is consistent dividend income.  Getting a few payments per week always results in weekly opportunities to reinvest the money into one of the companies I hold to speed up this income snowball.  


In November, I earned $1,066.79 in dividend from 32 payments.  This only a 3.2% increase from the $1,035.51 I earned in 2020.  But that was the time I did some major shuffling of the portfolio. 

Beginning next month, and especially in January, these results will really jump as I have added a quarter million dollars in new investments. Really.. Soon, I will be at averaging $2,000 per month in dividend income.  This is when the compounding really starts to take off!

Once again, my big haul is from AT&T (T) and Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI).  Moving forward, I 'll be seeing more parity as I have invested in 86 companies in November.

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