Thursday, November 4, 2021


I freaking LOVE  October.  I LOVE Halloween.   I love the leaves turning red and yellow.  I love the chance of dressing to warm up.  I love knowing the holidays are nearly here.  I love my kid gets to trick or treat a couple more times before she outgrows it.

I also freaking LOVE earning dividend income.  Getting paid 4 times a year by companies you own a tiny portion of is a wonderful sense of security.  Doing it 100 times over, and those teeny portions really can add up.  Especially when they keep increasing the dividend paid out.

This month was the perfect example of patience, and dedication to increasing the return.   In October, I received 30 payments for a total of $1,201.85    

That's a 74.18% increase over 2020 ($689.99).   Mind blown.  Well, not really.  I saw this coming.  And moving forward, the year to year increase will be more moderate, but steady.  

This thing really is a snowball rolling downhill.     Here's the details:

My biggest haus was yet another "special" dividend from ORI of $322.50.  These special dividends are common enough that "special" is not the proper term for it.   All I know is that it makes me feel very special.

More so than the big special chunks, I really like getting a steady flow of income to reinvest.  

I took nearly all of this $1201.85 and purchased more shares of holdings I own.    In a month or so, I will be doing a large post of my purchase activity.   Keep tuned for that.

Until then, stay safe and do what I do - take your spare cash every day and buy a share or two instead of spending it on stuff like a bag of chips...  

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