Monday, October 4, 2021


 I keep saying this, but this month just flew by.  I think 2021 is on hyper speed to our perceptions since 2020 was the longest, most drug out, most fucked up year of our lives.   At least we are 9 months past last year and moving forward.  Q4 here we come.

The house I grew up in went up for sale this month and sold in a week.  I've got mixed emotions on this, but had to get done for the care of my mother.    And the freshly exposed floors kind of made me wish i had done this years ago.

Quite the change.

Another month flying by means another month of passive income as the reward for investing in dividend growth stock.    The income is the whole goal of my investing strategy.  Gather enough dividend growing stock to eventually replace my income with dividends.  I'm chugging towards my goal.

In summary, I had 50 payments in September for a total of $1639.13.   That's a 13.37% increase from 2020.   Not the biggest leap, but as you may have heard in earlier posts, I had to stop adding to the fund and even sell some for my mom's transition.

The big haul of the month was (BBL) and their semi-annual payment. Would almost with they would dole it out quarterly, but I'll take the huge dividend rate.

October is lining up to be a monster year to year growth month, and wil really get cooking in November and December. 

Remember, if I can do this, anyone can.  You got to start somewhere.


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