Sunday, January 3, 2021


 Welcome to 2021.  Super stoked we are no longer in 2020 and my football team is in the playoffs!  

And my kid like to startle the bejeezus out of me with stuff like this:

Best of all, December was a fun month for earning some passive income.  My March/June/September/December dividend months are always busy.   I see 44 companies pay out on these months.

I earned a total of $1542.22 in those 44 payments.

Here's the summary:

My big haul was a special dividend from Costco (COST) of $10 per share.  They tend to do this every other year or so and really makes up for the lower yield. Someday their dividend increases will be truly fat.  At least I hope.

The other winer for me was the Vanguard exchange traded fund VYM.   Gotten into it starting late this summer, and is a great go-to when I'm indecisive about buying shares.  This fund is chock full of dividend Aristocrats and contains more than half of my holdings.  It's like the greatest his of my portfolio!   I try to buy at least 4 every month.   Here's a great piece about why VYM is so awesome Why I’m Investing $500 Weekly with Vanguard ETFs.     

Now it's January and looking at another month with a special dividend that will blow the doors off from ORI.

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