Wednesday, October 23, 2019


I love my record collecting hobby.  After filling up my office with records, I tend to focus on oddities like, flexis, cardboard records from cereal boxes, odd shaped picture discs, 10" singles, etc.

One of my favs is this 5" Squeeze single from 1980, "If I Didn't Love You" / "Another Nail In My Heart".  Plays at 33rpm.   Does not have the greatest sound quality, but I just could not turn down this little thing the moment I laid eyes on it.

5" single - very flexible..

I thought A&M would release more 5" singles in this series, but it appears this is a one off.  Bummer. Fortunately, this can be had for under $10 on Discogs.

The B side is one of the most perfect pop songs ever made.  Every different part of this song is a catchy melody.
Difford and Tilbrook may be the best songwriting team since Lennon and McCartney IMO.

Here's the official clip....

Love that tie!

Till next time.  Cheers.

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