Friday, September 6, 2019


One of the more legendary one hit wonder garage bands of the 60's were The Knickerbockers.  Their clame to fame was being a Beatles-sound-alike.  At least for one song..

"Lies" was often mistaken as a Beatles song and there is no song I know of in this era that sounds so close to John Lennon.

Found this "Lies" LP at an antique mall in Eastern Washington a few years ago in a $5 bin.  Nice score..

Here's a clip of "Lies"

I bet  John Lennon thought they were wankers..    I'm not so sure about holding the sax and playing air guitar on it either..

They made it up to #20 in 1965 with "Lies".  It's a somewhat ironic title being it sounded so much like The Beatles with John Lennon on lead vocals.   Part of their demise was that their label, Challenge Records, was unable to distribute their follow up single.  That really puts a break on success.

The Lies album was released on the coat-tails of their hit single.  This was  to be the last album recorded before their disbanding in 1970.  BTW, nothing else on the album has the Beatles sound alike quality.

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