Tuesday, September 10, 2019


The term "side hustle" is the NEW catch all praise for any sort of activity that generates a second source of income.  It can be any type of thing like:

  • Selling your schtuff on eBay 

  • driving for Uber or Lyft
  • delivering pizza
  • Airbnb the unused room you fill with shit.
  • making soap
  • making candles
  • a part time job at a fast food place
  • mystery shopping
  • crossing guard
  • babysitting
  • selling your hair (I can never do this...)
And others I better not even mention.... for I may offend drug dealing online adult chat performers...  ..Oops...

Do you have one?  what is it?

I'm not sure if you can call what I do a side hustle.  It's more of a hobby.

It's super easy to find me.

Just look up Chickenwizard.. duh.  What else would it be?  

I make music and have 3 albums out there on iTunes and Spotify.

My second album "She Loves Chickenwizard"
I love using pictures of me in distress
 A single from that album "I Am Wendy"

 My latest release: The (Mis)Adventures of Uncle Zodiac.

If you would like to ditch your frugal FIRE lifestyle for a moment, feel free to pad my side hustle...:)

iTunes link to Chickenwizard

I'm not a virtuoso..

This "side hustle" has cost me about $500 so far.  It costs about $100 to distribute an album on CD Baby.  I may have produced one while on sale ($49.95). Maybe    The software was $200 I believe.  

And there is the lifelong collection of guitars and  early 80's keyboards.  But that was all pre-FIRE times.  But I would never ever sell my guitars.   As a lefty, you just hang onto them since you may never see it again.  So that is in the thousands.  Let's just not go there.

As a fun thing to do, I have created over 150 songs of various styles.  Most suck.  But it's fun to make.

Someday my daughter will be able to look me up

So my "side hustle" has earned me a whopping $41.

Most of those earnings came from YouTube licencing.  Someone used one of my tracks as their vlog background music and generated tens of thousands of plays.

So is this a side hustle?    If one of my songs hits and gets a million plays it would be.  But is it now?

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