Tuesday, September 17, 2019


While browsing through my regular group of bloggers, I came across a piece at the great  Dividend Diplomats  that totally blew my mind.  

Dividend Diplomats have some of the most thorough articles when it comes to dividend growth investing and I could not recommend them more if you are looking to get into this ultimate side hustle.

So by calculating your costs or any income you are earning by dividing that amount by the total hours in a year (8,760), you can see how much you are spending or earning per hour.

Please check out the link below

 What a fun game!

This blew my mind.........

This blew my mind when it comes to dividend income.  My annual dividend income is at $15,829.30 at this moment.   Divide that by 8760, and....

I am earning $1.81 per hour - JUST FOR BEING ALIVE.  Mind blown...

To temper the adolescent excitement I felt, I calculated some more of my earnings and spending to see where I am at in the goal of reaching financial independence.  

DIVIDENDS               $15,829.30 = $1.81/hr
NET INCOME            $67,683.23 = $7.73/hr
TOTAL SPENDING   $75,097.66 = $8.57/hr

My dividends are paying for 21.08% of my spending.   

Good thing is my regular bills (phone, electric, water, tv, internet,  car insurance, home insurance, car tabs) add up to $15,399.48 per year, just $1.76 / hr.    

My dividends cover that!!!  Boo-ya.

The rest of the spending is for food and travel, and kid stuff.   This year I did incur some costly one time charges for car repair and care of my mother, so I think I can lower the $75K in spending in the coming year by a solid $10K.

What makes this a great is that with each stock purchase and dividend increase, I can see the 21% ratio increase.  Of course my goal is passing 100%.   But to get to where I am in 5 years is not too shabby.  I do not expect it to take another 20 years to reach that goal since I got the snowball rolling.

So where are you at?

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