Thursday, May 12, 2022


 Current Vinyl Playlist VOL 3

This is the third installment on my new regular entry on this mess of a blog.

Whenever I am unsure of what to listen to, I tend to reach for one of my compilation albums.   Over the years I have grown my compilation collection to over 110 of these and am continually looking for interesting comps around record and junk stores.

This six-pack of comps are all from the early 80's.  This is an instant New Wave / Post Punk party!   Here's a breakdown

1) Chart Wars - Ronco 1982
    The late great Ron Popeil and his TV marketing juggernaut Ronco, put out a ton of comps.  Especially in Europe.  I grabbed this one for the amazing cover photo.  How could you not..   Good mix of new wave hits that makes me feel I opened up a time capsule.

Wow.  LOL.   A bunch of great tunes and a handful of never heard on this side of the Atlantic.

Here's a clip for "Dracula's Tango"

2) NEW UNDERGROUND - CBS Germany 1983.   Another must have.  Not easy to find in the US, but has a great colored vinyl.   A great mix of songs.  More on the goth/darkwave side of things..

Here's "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void

3) & 4) Chart Busters '82 Volume 1 and 2   A double feature from Ronco in the UK.  Comps with 8 to 10 sons per side were compressed and have a lower dynamic range.  But for the low price at the time, these were awesome mix tapes.  These two were full of new wave hits and pop hits in the UK at the time.  Fun stuff

Here's the fairly obscure video for "See You" by Depeche Mode.  

5) Troublemakers - Warner Brothers 1979.   One in the long running Warner comp series Loss Leaders, Troublemakers focused on the post punk rage at the time.  Any comp with John Cale, Wire, Public Image Limited, Gang of Four, The Modern Lovers, and Devo is ok in my book.  And it has a live Sex Pistols track from their last show in 1978.

Here is  Johnny Rotten and PIL doing "Public Image"

6) NO WAVE - A&M 1979   One of the greatest covers.  And a really cool blue record. This is one of my first compilation records and still spin it at least once a year.

 The ironing board thing is a thing....

 Here's The Stranglers doing "Nice 'N Sleazy".  JJ Burnell's bass etches my mind.

 I promise I will update my vinyl playlists more often.  I have lots of new records to show off.

Until then, cheers!

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