Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Another month flew by.  Zoom.   I always heard that time appears to be faster as one ages since each successive day is a progressively smaller percentage of one's life.   Stoney.   

When I hit 100, a year will feel like this month.  Really Stoney.  I must be channeling Pauly Shore or something...

I'm digging this new year so much, I'd like to slow it down a bit and soak up the enjoyment.

Other than watching my dividends come in, I finally got to wash and wax my car to a mirror like finish.  

Nothing harder than keeping a black car clean.  It's all dusty already.

Why you ask?  Dividend income growth, my friend.    126 companies are paying me just be alive and owning a itsy bitsy part of their company.  

My goal was to buy shares of companies that pay a regular dividend,  regularly increase that dividend as their income and share price increases, and reinvest these dividends to let it all compound the compounding.   I want to see tangible year to year growth.

January was a perfect example of seeing tangible results.  

This month, I earned $2,438.20 in dividends from 32 companies.  Last January, 25 companies paid $982.96.   

That's a 159.3% increase over January a year ago.  High 5 myself.


This is a result of reinvesting the divs I earn, adding at least $250 per week to my portfolio, and getting some nice dividend increases.  

My big haul was from Whitehorse Finance (WHF) and the $1065 it pays every three months.

Being paid for being alive.  You can do it too.  Don't think you can't.  Just go for it.  You will be happy you did.  Really.

Here are the details.

Until next month - "keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars"  Casey Kasem.


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