Friday, August 6, 2021


This July has been a monumental month when it comes to myself and my families' life.  It truly will never be forgotten. 

Four weeks ago, I had to place my mom into a memory care facility. She was no longer safe to be at home without 24/7 attention and I was not able to keep up with her needs or feed her properly.
She's now settled into an apartment furnished with stuff from her home. It's a brand new facility, it's really great, and she is the first resident. Soon she will have more residents to converse with.

Here's a glance of my kid showing off her excellent bed making skills!

Currently, she's still confused as to why she is there and thinks she will be fine at home. Quite upset at me "pushing her out" and keeps asking to go home. She's still seeing me and grabbing her purse and coat to leave. So I am keeping my distance.

Once she's more used to her surroundings, I'll be able to visit more.

At least I am relieved that she's safe and being fed well. The past 3 years have been a struggle and the past 6 months took all my energy and prevented me from having any down time. So I am more relieved than I thought.

That being said, since the start of May, I have not paid any attention to my stock activity other than a glance here and there. I did have to cash some shares out to float her first few months of expenses.

Memory care is not cheap. Don't go without a plan like my mom did. It's so much, I would still have to cover a couple thousand per month after renting out her home. And that would be after some necessary repairs that would cost a solid $50K. That would also put my portfolio and kid's college fund at serious risk. I can't do that to my family and will keep the funds separated. So it will be sold to cover her costs

Now I have to spend some time clearing out the home I grew up in and preparing it for a new life.   

I will miss seeing my childhood bedroom.  It still has sheets I slept in during high school.  Whoa.

And I will miss the view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.  

This process has taken all of my time and energy for the past 3 months.  

At least I know my dividend income is on autopilot while all of this is going on.   

Overall, I received 30 payments for a grand total of $1,045.86.     My big payout was Whitehorse Finance (WHF) and the $154.43 they pay me and a nice chunk from TROW.   

The details are in the chart below.

I will be in a holding pattern for the most part until the sale is completed, her care is fully funded and I have been reimbursed for the costs I have incurred for this.   


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom but you are doing the right thing, its just emotionally a tough moment to deal with and at the same time letting go of your childhood home.

    That TROW special payment was once serious payout! And it let you crack the 4 digit payout.

    1. Thanks. It needs a new roof, and there's electric problems with the knob and tube wiring inside of plaster walls. Also the metal frames in the windows are rusting out, the galvanized pipes are sealing and there is no gas line to the house. That does not even address the roof. I would have loved to keep it and either rent/air b n b it or live there and do the same to my home. But with her costs, that's just too much.
      Thanks for stopping in

  2. Hopefully your Mom settles in at her new home and you'll get the opportunity to visit her on a regular basis. Wishing you the best.

    I got to share in the TROW special dividend as well. It was a nice surprise.
    Also, I see you own OMC. I just initiated a position myself... only 15 shares to start. OMC's dividend history is not the cleanest, but I'll see how it goes.

  3. Hang in there. I know the move to full time care isn't easy. However, it will be nice knowing that she has full time care. My mom went through the same thing with my grandma a few years ago, and she went through a similar transition. It isn't easy, but it was the right decision.


    1. Thanks Bert. She's really faded over the last year. The first dozen years the decline was slow, but now she's really out of it. At least she is no longer asking to go home all day.

  4. Things will get better once everyone can adjust. I know it was a tough decision, but given that you couldn't realistically keep with the 24/7 support it sounds like it was the best move out of two crappy choices.

  5. Thanks. And it actually is much better now. Now I have to figure a way to get her from continually unplugging the line from her phone!


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