Friday, March 5, 2021


Welcome to March.  2021 is going by at light speed.  2020 seemed to take forever.  

In the February blur of a month, we got to enjoy a weekend with a foot of snow.   

...which melted after 2 days.  

Also had a great butternut squash with mushroom and sage lasagne.   

And then there were dividends.  Getting paid for surviving another month.   The key to a future retirement!   

This month I received 29 dividends totalling $1,397.03    That was a 59.7% increase over 2019's $874.83.
My patience is beginning to pay off after all of the past efforts of dropping high yield REITs that slowly cut dividends and were losing value.

Here's the breakdown:

 My BIG haul was a special dividend of $395 from OMF.  Amazingly, this was their 2nd special dividend of the year and was quite the doozy.  Normally they pay a $0.45 dividend per share.   This was a $3.95 per share payout.   BAM

I also got my quarterly payment from AT&T and their 7% dividend.  One of the cornerstones of my portfolio that I plan on holding on to forever.  

This month's payment is the result of patient investment of dividend growth stocks.  Investing in solid companies that have a track record of beating inflation AND increasing the dividend more than the inflation rate also.   A win win. 

And it's motivation to work on getting another 59% increase.  It's March and I want to keep the ball rolling.  I can't wait to see the results!

Until then.....check ya later......

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