Friday, June 5, 2020


It feels like I just wrote last month's summary...

So much has happened in May.  For all of us.  The pestilence that we socially distance for.  The scourge of judging others because they wear a different tuxedo than others do.  The uniting of many for a decent cause.  And a strong force trying to divide while also trying to capitalize on it.

Being inundated with such drama, stress, and negativity increases my desire to immerse myself in an activiity that takes my mind off of things.   This month, I reclaimed my front yard.

I had not seen the street in about 2 years in the summer. 

I also got a high end TV antenna mounted on my rooftop.

59 channels for free!  No more satellite tv.  :)

Meanwhile that stock market bounces back somewhat. Still collecting dividends.   This month I earned a grand total of $798.80 from 27 companies.   A bit lower than expected due to the cutting/suspension of a few dividends that would have otherwise paid.  But I cannot complain.  It will rebound.

Here is the breakdown.


5/1/20 T $161.72

5/1/20 VZ $53.51

5/4/20 CVS $32.00

5/8/20 CLX $21.20

5/8/20 CZNC $40.77

5/11/20 APD $12.06

5/14/20 AAPL $17.22

5/15/20 AES $33.39

5/15/20 CL $9.68

5/15/20 COST $9.10

5/15/20 HRL $10.46

5/15/20 MAIN $20.50

5/15/20 MS $6.30

5/15/20 NNN $40.17

5/15/20 OHI $100.50

5/15/20 PG $35.58

5/15/20 O $15.61

5/20/20 CAT $38.11

5/21/20 WTFC $1.68

5/22/20 C $8.67

5/22/20 SBUX $27.06

5/26/20 BMO $0.65

5/28/20 MCBC $4.00

5/28/20 PAYX $40.30

5/28/20 WRK $22.40

5/29/20 AMP $2.08

5/29/20 WSM $34.08 $798.80

Every three months, I fall in love with AT&T all over again.  My oldest and most consistent holding.
It's the stock that got me into investing in dividend groth stocks.

Until then, keep it real!


  1. Those tv antenna remind of good old days when we didnt have cable.Quite a pay from T,even i got a 3 didgit pay from T.

    1. Yeah, T is my comfort stock. In a sense.
      The TV antenna really brings in the channels. I get a perfect signal from a station 82 miles away. So now old Star Trek at 7pm
      Take care.


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