Wednesday, May 6, 2020


To be honest, April actually flew by faster than I expected.  Even though I spent most of the whole month holed up at home with the family, I found more than enough to do.  Lots of gardening, some home school, lots of video games, many bike rides, and a few hikes.  One thing I did not do was write on this blog much.

Even had to venture out to Costco for some much needed paper towels and bought what I believe is the single worst purchase of my life - crispy fish skins.   Egads.   Even the dog even hated them.  That says a lot.

Do yourself a favor and avoid these as much as the virus...

One of the highlights of the month was watching my dividend income trickle in. Good to know that most of the companies did not cut or pause the dividend.

23 dividends that earned a total of $1,149.49 this month.   All of this income was spent on buying more shares of AT &T.

4/1/20 KO $38.13

4/1/20 HBAN $36.00

4/1/20 PPL $53.12

4/2/20 KMB $39.59

4/3/20 WHF $431.33

4/6/20 WMT $10.80

4/7/20 MRK $29.89

4/8/20 OMC $33.80

4/9/20 BBY $37.95

4/13/20 CB $10.50

4/14/20 VTR $52.31

4/14/20 BBBY $44.20

4/15/20 MAIN $20.50

4/15/20 O $15.61

4/15/20 STOR $47.60

4/22/20 CSCO $27.72

4/23/20 ORCL $18.48

4/24/20 AMNF $43.92

4/24/20 SYY $28.35

4/28/20 BNS $34.42

4/28/20 CM $39.01

4/29/20 TWO $17.70

4/30/20 TD $38.56 $1149.49

The big ticket item was my Whitehorse Financial (WHF) that provides 37% of my income every three months.  At the time of writing this, they still have not cut their dividend (which currently pays over 16%).   They payout ratio has hit 96%, but are slowly crawling out from the abyss.   Hopefully they keep it as a reward for the stockholders who stuck with them through this.

Upcoming:  May.  My small month when it comes to div income.   See ya then!

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