Sunday, March 29, 2020


Well well well.  This has been a completely unforgettable month.  But one that we'd all like to forget.

My kid has been out of school since the second week and my job basically shut down this last Wednesday after the Governor declared a stay at home order for everyone and all non-essential businesses.   That means everyone is now locked up with their giant packages of toilet paper.

Cabin fever?  Actually no.  Maybe it's the Gen X in me.  Maybe it's the fact I was an only child and found ways to entertain myself.  In fact, it's a bit of a recharge so far after the stressful last few weeks not knowing what will happen.  The CoVid-19 stress created too many distractions at work to be able to full focus on my duties.

To stay entertained, we have been pulling out the old video game consoles and gave them a whirl. 
Like Wii  and the Fit 2 game.

Peanut did not fully approve.

And the old Nintendo NES

Wow.  Fun.  Simple, corny fun.   CoVid free fun..

I also get to focus on parts of my life that I struggle to fit in.   Fitness and gardening. 
I've been really hitting the "home gym" over the past 5 days.   Actually, it's the Sworkit app on my AppleTV.   Pulled out the dumbbells and now I am so sore, that I have discovered muscles I never knew I had.    Done quite a bit of biking with my daughter too.

The garden got going a tad early for the Seattle area.  I did not know if I would be able to find any tomato starts later on, so I got 9 of them with the idea that some may not survive the cool spring.
I put them in pots to keep the soil warm in the sun and put a black planter pot around them for that insulation effect.

I also planted 41 lettuces and over 100 sweet onions for the green onions.  Six Lacinato kales, a few new lavenders for the vacant spots, and sowed some radish seeds.

Now I need to finish up weeding the area behind the raised bed.  Actually can't wait.

Financially, I made sure all credit card debt is gone.  Well, all but the $100 for some stuff for my mom and new parts for my barbecue. No big deal.  Life with employment being in question is much less stressful with no debt whatsoever.  We'll get back to work someday, but is it 2 weeks?  A month?  Two months?   It's good to know I have no debt cloud over my head.

In the investment world, I've been holding back on purchases until I feel we won't have another giant free fall.  If I miss some deals, so what.   Investors took a huge hit over the past month. I'm down about 35% since the free fall.  But I am still earning dividends and hanging on.  Of the 98 companies, 4 suspended their dividend.  They will return and I am confident this will only be a blip in the big scheme of things.

 I'll be posting soon on what I am looking at.  There are some great deals out there.  Some companies are fairly recession proof.

The world will definitely be a different place after we pull through this plague.   Whole industries will emerge.  Others may fade away.  There is no way we can predict this with any accuracy, or we would be gajillionaires.

Until then, please stay safe.  Hunker down and enjoy home life.  You will have the cleanest home with the greatest garden in a month!


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