Tuesday, February 4, 2020


I never experienced a faster moving month.  I am barely used to typing in 2020 on any documents.

I always heard that time appears to be faster as one ages since each successive day is a progressively smaller percentage of one's life.   Stoney.   When I hit 100, a year will feel like this month.  Stoney...

I also use ellipses too much...

The highlight of my month is watching the amazing progression of my daughter in her gymnastics skills.  Here she is at her gymnastics showcase.

The other highlight of my month is my dividend income. 

Getting paid for surviving the month!  There is no better income than passive income.

Last month, I earned a total of $1,321.91 from 29 companies.  A bit of a dip for 2019, but that is due to the  major rebalancing I did last summer.   In January of 2019, I earned $1563.14.   Yes, it is a 15.43 decrease, but in the long term, I will come out much further ahead.
BTW, I gained 17% last month from the year before, so it's just a reshuffling...

1/2/20 HBAN $1.65

1/2/20 NKE $11.27

1/2/20 PPL $52.80

1/2/20 WMT $10.60

1/3/20 KMB $38.11

1/3/20 WHF $431.33

1/7/20 PEP $47.75

1/7/20 BBY $34.50

1/8/20 MRK $29.89

1/9/20 OMC $33.80

1/10/20 CB $10.50

1/13/20 VTR $52.31

1/14/20 BBBY $40.97

1/15/20 APLE $11.00

1/15/20 MAIN $20.50

1/15/20 O $15.24

1/15/20 PEB $15.20

1/15/20 STOR $47.60

1/22/20 CSCO $26.95

1/24/20 AMNF $39.93

1/24/20 TWO $141.60

1/24/20 SYY $28.35

1/24/20 ORCL $18.48

1/28/20 CM $40.85

1/28/20 BNS $36.48

1/30/20 RTN $19.79

1/30/20 IEX $5.00

1/31/20 TD $38.01

1/31/20 CLDT $21.45 $1321.91

Big one is the Whitehorse Financial. WHF has been a part of my portfolio for over 5 years now.  I earn a 10.10% return.  No increases, which I really wish would happen, but a FAT dividend. And the equity has remained steady over time.  It is the last of the crazy fat divided companies I own.  I will ride it until they begin a pattern of cutting that dividend.
I am only down 1.22% since late 2014, with that occurring in the past 2 weeks.  So I can hold for now

See y'all next month!


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