Monday, December 30, 2019


A brand new decade is about to be sprung upon us.  Boing.  As with many people out there, the New Year is the time for an update of the New Year's Resolutions, most of which are forgotten about before January ends...

Since it's a new decade, maybe the resolutions will stick a bit longer.  Maybe.

I'm going to try to stick to the following one:   Declutter my music collection.   Which is a side-hustle in itself.

A New decade comes with new priorities in regards to my lifelong hobby - collecting music.

I've spend most of my life amassing an impressive collection of records and music memorabilia.  All with the intention of someday selling it for a fat profit.

Of course, I would let my daughter take whatever she wants. I am sure she will keep this Billie Eilish flexi disc...

Billie Eilish flexi single
I kind of always wanted to have my own record store, but never quite figured out how they amass so much inventory of used records.   In order to keep in business, they have to constantly bring in the inventory.   Just boggles my mind.

Now that I am up to 3,278 pieces of music, it's time to clear some out.  It fills up our 3rd bedroom (my office).  In the past decade, I think I have added about 800 records.  Now I am out of room.

I have not only tons of LPs, but 1,600 45s,  hundreds of 78s, a fat handful of flexi-discs, some records made on cardboard, super rare cassette tapes (yes, that is a thing)

I could safely say that I will not listen to 2,000 of them.   But someone will.   And some will go for a pretty penny.   I will never listen to my Captain Beefheart "Trout Mask Replica" record, not even try to.   but someone out there will pay $100 for it.   Fine.  Please take it.... 

I will sell some I truly love.  Many are rarities and collector items for some of my favorite artists.  Like this EP from The Stranglers.
An EP on Pink Vinyl from 1977.   Yours for $10

So my goal is to put up at least one item per week on either eBay or Discogs for sale.  I was  about to say "One per day", but I am afraid I would run out of time to keep up....  So I will start with one per week at the very minimum.

I'll post what I'm offering up in the near future!   Please let me know if any of these items are something you want.

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