Wednesday, July 17, 2019

July Stock Purchases

"Hey John.  It's only July 17th. What are you doing?!?"

Yeah, I know.  July is not over.  We're barely half way through the month.  What am I doing?
Well, I'm done making my purchases for the month, and I'm eager to talk about it.

I wanted to take a bit of profits and buy some shares.  I think I had this look on my face....

I wanted to balance out my portfolio a bit more and took profits on some that were a bit more of a position than I prefer.  I stick to around a $4,000 position per company.  Apple (AAPL) was at over $9K cost basis.  The Southern Company (SO) was also well over the $4K threshold.   Both were well in the positive, so it was a good opportunity to take some profits and buy even more shares.  And my purchases all have a higher dividend rate than AAPL.  Win win.

I sold 27 shares of AAPL for $5,526.65 and 22 shares of SO for $1230.54.   SO is now at a $4,000 cost basis.  AAPL is at a $6,700 cost basis (and will not sell any more..).  I sacrificed $83.16 of annual dividend with AAPL and $54.56 with SO.   I need to make up the $137.72 in dividends, and them some.

Time to go shopping!

I first bought 37 shares of CVS for $2079.73 today after getting 3 shares 5 days ago  I owned some in the past, but always wanted to get to my full position.
These purchases added $80 to my annual dividends.  Booo-ya. 

Next, I decided to get Caterpillar (CAT) up to my $4K position.  I bought 17 shares for $2321.36.   Another one I had my eye on, but hesitated to buy just because they were always choice number 2 or 3 on a particular day. 
This added $70.04 to my annual dividends.  Already passed up the $137.72 loss!!!!

Then I got 7 shares for Cracker Barrel for $1256.16 to get to just about a full position.  Strong company that, like CAT, I held for a long time and wanted to get more.  Another one I skipped for too long.
This added $36.40 of annual dividends.

Finally, I spent the rest of my available funds to get 43 shares of Bank Of America for $1270.48.   I got this one up to $3,500 of my $4K goal.  As I had written in an earlier post  (Recent buy - BAC), BAC will soon announce a large dividend increase, and I wanted to get in on it.

This added $25.80 to my annual dividends.

So with my stock switcheroo, I added $86.52 to my annual dividends and $2643.29 of profits to my total cost basis.


Any thoughts?

- John

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