Tuesday, February 22, 2022


Current Vinyl Playlist

This is the second installment on my new regular entry on this mess of a blog.

Lots going on here, but all fit my current mood.  In a sense.  

I've gotten a ton of new vinyl over the past year, and a wide variety to boot.   

Here goes.  

Left to right from top row.

1.) Peter Murphy - Holy Smoke.   A recent reissue of this his 4th solo effort from 1992 on smoky vinyl.  The "godfather of goth" and his slickly produced arty rockers did not really fit in during the grunge era of the early 90's.   But 30 years later, and this is one fantastic and compelling album.  It has a sophisticated sound that seems miles away from his Bauhaus days.  It's got great sound for a color pressing.

2.) Dead Can Dance - Aeon.    Because Renaissance Fairs are not COVID friendly, I listen to this at home...  Dead Can Dance's fifth release is a fantastic mix of medieval music, Gaelic folk, and their own other-worldly rhythms. This release seems to focus more on the early music of bygone times more than any of their other releases. 

3.) Bob Marley - Punky Reggae Party.   Non album Jamaican pressing from 1977, this was Bob Marley's take on the then growing punk movement in the UK at the time.  It was released after Bob heard The Clash cover "Police and Thieves" by Junior Marvin and mentions.  The dub B side is even more cool and I have never seen digitally. 

4.) Gregory Isaacs - Slum in Dub.   A must have dub album from 1978. Gregory Isaacs, known for his outstanding lovers rock style of reggae, knocks this dub release out of the park.   I have not heard a better dub record from start to finish. Just so rad. 

5.) Survive - RR7400.  Music from those who did the "Stranger Things" music.  Very 80's minimal.  Full of cool early 80's moog sounds.  This instrumental album makes makes me crave more output from them. It's an album that can make you wonder if it plays as a 33 or a 45 rpm until about 5 minutes into it.  It's kind of in the vein of New Order performing "5-8-6" 

6.) Painted Palms - Forever.   Psychedelic electronic pop duo (and also cousins)  with some very well written tunes.  A super fun listen. And still fresh with each play.  It's a bit like Apples In Stereo or Of Montreal but with deeper vocals and slicker production. 

7.) Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever.   This has been in my rotation for a long while.  Lots to unpack here lyrically with some amazing production by her brother Finneas.  At this time, I prefer this more than her first album as it goes more into her feelings and how she copes with fame, stalkers, and dumped lovers. And her voice has matured and brings more emotion to her lyrics. It's the 2021 album of the year IMO and the title track will be her "forever" song that everyone will know generations later.

8.)  Private World - Aleph.  Very Roxy Music-ish New Romantic / Sophisti Pop music from this Cardiff, Wales band.  Jury is out for me.  It did not really click on the first listen.  But I do like the melancholia. It's just too crafted and meticulous in it's delving into a New Wave sub genre.

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