Monday, January 3, 2022


2021 has come to an end.  In record time -  It took only 365 days.   

But in comparison to 2020, it seemed like the days were only about 8 hours long.

And nothing is more fitting is having a snowy paradise to close the year with and a sledding adventure at 1 am.  With all the sledding and a 33 degree day, it refroze into a perfect sheet of ice.   

The snow was too dry to make a solid snowball.  Oh well.  Next Time. 

My dividends though were more than enough of a snowball for me. The past few months of purchases have begun to reap its reward.   

This month, I received 54 dividends totalling $2,117.71   

That's a 37.72% increase from 2020's $1542.22 return.   I like that.  And I plan on continuing this ever growing snowball as it compounds.  When I earn about $2K per month to re-invest, it really starts growing.  If I can match that dividend payment with cash, I could see some serious growth.  I'll try my best to put at least $250 per week and up to $500.  Otherwise I am prone to frivolous purchases...

Here are the details:

Other than the Vanguard VYM  ETF fund that paid $109.82, the payouts were all pretty much evened out.  That's the result of upping all of my holdings to around $5,000 each.  My holdings are here:  My Portfolio named Flagwig

2022 should be an exciting year of reinvestment and seeing div increases.  Please follow me for the updates!


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