Thursday, February 11, 2021


 Jan 2021 will go down as one to remember when it comes to purchasing bits and pieces of companies.

My real cute dog is distracting me..

Anyhoo, to make a long story short, I invested $6,206.22 of saved up funds and got in on the ground floor of a few companies.  Also made a huge splash in a former holding that had a long record of being very stable and a huge dividend before COVID.  WHF.  My former largest holding.

Whitehorse Finance (WHF) righted the ship over this year and convinced me that I wanted a part of it again and their 10% dividend.  They do not increase the div, but also never cut it.   They rode out some major rough waters the made the dividend unsustainable.  They are back to having a decent payout ratio and making money.

 Another major purchase was getting a chunk of Comcast (CMCSA), and NetApp (NTAP).  

My new positions are not large, usually only one or two shares, but will make me want to increase as I see a small holding in comparison  to the rest of the companies.  That's what I did with Fifth Third Bank (FITB),  Snap On (SNA), and Steel Dynamics (STLD).  All have passed my stock screener of showing dividend increases, a low P/E, and a low dividend payout, giving room for this company to grow.  Here's my post about screening for stocks with a good value  Stock Screener

The result of my frenzied purchasing was investing $6,206.22 and increasing my annual dividend total by $359.85.   That resulted in a 5.8% yield on my purchases for the month.  Sweetness.  Someday I may actually enjoy the monies..

Well,  back to my dog now!

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