Tuesday, June 2, 2020


I had to repost this older entry again since I lost the links on the old post.  

Back in 1967, Philco decided to release a series of tiny 3" flexi disc 45's of current hits for portable use.   This was marketed to teens and college kids.

Philco also produced a tiny record player / radio component made to fit these teeny records.  These did play on regular turntables though. 

They were .69 cents each.  Some were given away for free if you bought a bottle of Head & Shoulders.  That means, owners of these collectibles had a higher percentage of dandruff....

Here's the marketing ad that was printed on the reverse of them.

Unfortunately, this marketing experiment only lasted through part of 1969 after 41 releases.   One of my goals is to have all 41.

I have managed to find 16 of these.   Some have yet to be opened.  Many are great classic songs - Brown Eyed Girl - Sweet Sould Music - 98.6 - When A Man Loves A Woman - Wolly Bully, etc.

Today I'm showcasing the Box Tops' "The Letter".  As you can see, they are tiny.  You can place it on top of a regular 7" 45, play it, let it run out, and then play the Hip Pocket record.. the needle will not even bump into the flexi.

And they came sounding better than expected.   Here's The Letter...

Hope  you enjoyed this piece of nostalgia.   Working on a dividend article and will publish in a few days.

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