Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Been taking a break from blog entries as the family has been on a 10 day vacation in Hawaii.   Fun times indeed and a much needed break from the regular daily pattern of everything.

Kuhio beach at Waikiki

Part of being financially responsible is not getting into debt for vacation.  I had spent a year saving around $20 per day to not only buy the ticket, but also have cash for all 10 days there.  With room to spare.  The leftover will go back into the next vacation.   With all the points I earned on my Marriott Bonvoy Visa, a 4 day stay at Disneyland will be free other than the flight.  Hmm..!

Does this jive with the FIRE lifestyle?  Not really.  But when you count in fun and great memories, and the sheer joy my kid is having, it is more than worth it.  Life is more than being a cheapskate and saving up to retire early.  It's about enjoying life and not going broke doing sp.

I am a bit concerned about my tomato plants.  This was one of the best years in many and everything was just ripening.   They are being watered by grandma, but as I spied on it with my Ring camera, they are not getting the proper soaking they need in the hot weather.  Oh well.  Things wilt..

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